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Instructions per day on the full program

1. Make your daily 2 litre jug of water with squeezed 140ml minimum of lemon juice

Instructions per serving

2. Add 20ml Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup into a shot glass

3. Add half a pinch of cayenne pepper into shot glass and mix

4. Pour a glass (min 250ml) of the premixed lemon juice and water

5. Drink half the glass of lemon juice

6. Scull the contents in the shot glass

7. Drink the remaining half of the lemon juice

8. Follow up with more plain water or lemon juice if required

Taste of the Lemon Detox Diet Drink:

We understand and appreciate that individuals will have queries and uncertainty regarding the taste of the Lemon Detox Diet drink. In order to endeavour and inform persons as much as possible regarding what the detox drink does actually taste like, we have conducted a simple taste testing survey.

The recorded taste testing survey of the Lemon Detox Diet drink is continually conducted at the office of Madal Bal Australia Pty Ltd in Sydney between the 10th of May 2007 and the 10th July 2007.

The basis of the taste testing survey was to provide valuable information to customers regarding the taste of the Lemon Detox Diet drink.

Entering customers were asked if they would like to participate in the taste testing survey of the Lemon Detox Diet drink. Their responses are listed below.

This was an informal random poll that did not involve replication or control groups.

A total of 141 persons gave their own opinion regarding the taste of the Lemon Detox Diet drink.

The batching contents of the detox drink were:

140ml of the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™
3 and 1/2 freshly sqeezed lemons (approximately 140ml -150ml)
3 pinches of Cayenne pepper
1720ml of filtered water.

A new batch was prepared every morning.

The results are listed below including the taste test sheets:

Total number of participants: 141   ( 44 males & 97 Females )

Total Participants:


Very Satisfying










From the results of the taste testing survey the average taste of the Lemon Detox Drink was found to be satisfying with 24% of participants finding the taste very satisfying, 46% satisfying, 27% pleasant, and only 4 persons found the taste unpleasant.

Number of persons who purchased after taste testing: 140      99%

Please click here to view full taste testing sheets, the file is a 5.5mb PDF so please be patient.

Some comments regarding the Lemon Detox Drink:
These comments are also listed on the taste test sheets.

‘Pepper makes the difference in the taste.’ – Richard Mills
‘I loved the sweet & sour taste of the syrup & the lemon.’ – Cindi Stanislas
‘Tasty combination of the sweet & sour taste.’ – Jerry Ghannoum
Surprised at the taste, thought it would be like a medicine.’ – Daniella
‘Quite satisfying, tried it warm, options are good.’
‘Not a bad taste for what it can possibly do.’ – John
‘Satisfying taste.’ – Peter Abi-Chedid
‘Maybe just too sweet, but the taste is just awesome.’ – Irena
‘I’m a detox girl and this has to be the best one yet.’
‘Great Taste.’ – Cindy
‘If you can drink a beer then you will have no problem, actually this one is even no where near as disgusting as a beer. Trust me, its like a cordial.’ – Tia
‘Doesn’t taste bad. Its filling.’
‘Very tangy – zest of the lemon juice adds pizzazz to the taste.’ - Lucy
‘Taste was lovely – a little sweet but appears to be a diet that will keep us motivated.’ – Gabriella & Joanne‘Easy to drink. Similar taste to Indian dates.’ – Ronda
‘Quiet surprised, thought it would be more of a discomfort drink.’
'A refreshing and fulfilling taste, nice when served cool., – Robert Matta
'I thought that it tastes like desert wine.' – George Khoury
'So good I put my husband on it.'

Thank you to everyone who participated in our taste testing.

Taste testing is offered at our Sydney office at all times. Please phone the office of Pure Natural Health Australia on 1300 536 663 to arrange for taste testing if required.

Call us on 1300 536 663 and we will send you a free taste sample!
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